Our Story

Combining our passion for design with our love for pets

Owners Jasmine and Rebekah are two Tulsa natives, entrepreneurs, and best friends for over 20 years. Both being creative makers and passionate about design, they attended school at the University of Oklahoma studying at the College of Architecture. After years of teamwork and discovering how well the two meld, Jasmine and Rebekah have finally come together to form their passion project which combines their love of pets with their love of design.

Rebekah is a dog mom of a tri-colored Welsh Corgi named Dexter. She has had three pets in her lifetime and does not plan on slowing down. Rebekah’s professional experience spans vastly ranging from retail, sales, and interior design, to her current role at Tulsa Tomorrow. Her experiences have allowed her to form an intimate understanding of the importance of finishing touches, which also affects the sales and customer service sides of the business. Rebekah's keen eye for detail helps when fine-tuning designs and collecting inventory that includes other products she and Jasmine relish.

Jasmine is a dog mom of three rescues. They are a dynamic trio who like to play with all sorts of toys and have earned the title of CEC’s (Chief Executive Chewers) due to their diligent toy-testing skills. Jasmine has been a maker her entire life - designing clothing, painting, and sculpting, to name a few mediums. She is an expert of many trades and has spent the past five years working as a designer and detailer in the architecture and construction industry. Jasmine has also mastered digital artistry with over 10 years of experience in graphic design and marketing.

Jasmine and Rebekah have always dreamed of offering handmade goods in a unique setting for pets and pet people. Knot Yours was conceptualized as a pet boutique specializing in pet products and accessories. In addition to hand-making their goods, they also serve as a making space where people can learn to make their own rope creations. You see, Knot Yours is NOT your average pet shop. The Rope Bar in their shop administers in-person tutorials showing customers of all ages how to make toys with love.


Contributing to the Make-Your-Own aspect of their shop, Knot Yours sells take home kits of rope projects for you and your pet. They even “show you the ropes” with online video demonstrations on their website. Though in-person shopping has been limited through 2020, Knot Yours offers multiple ways to shop for items your pet is sure to enjoy (and eventually destroy!)

At Knot Yours, you will find only the best products, including handcrafted specialty toys, products that give back, and items that are eco-friendly and sustainable.